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Learning outcome 12.1(c)

This statement asks you to be able to write down the electronic arrangement of the metal or its ions for any of the first row of the transition elements.

Before you go on, you should find and read the statement in your copy of the syllabus.

The electronic configurations of the metals.

Re-read the beginning of the page introducing transition metals.

You must be able to write the correct electronic structure for any of these metals in terms of s, p and d notation.

You will have a copy of the Periodic Table (in the Data Booklet) in an exam, so you should be able to work these out rather than remember them. You must, of course, remember the oddities - chromium and copper.

Practise doing this until you are confident.

The electronic configurations of the ions.

We are talking about simple ions here, of the form Xn+.

Continue down the introducing transition metals page to read the short bit about transition metal ions. Follow the link at the bottom of that section to look at a few more examples.

Again, you should practise writing these structures until you are confident that you can write them quickly and accurately. Obviously, you aren't going to get these right unless you are sure that you can write the structures for the neutral atoms.

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