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Learning outcome 19.2(a)

This statement is about the hydrolysis of acyl chlorides. This will only be tested in the final exam of a two year course.

Before you go on, you should find and read the statement in your copy of the syllabus.

Important background work

The next few syllabus statements are all about acyl chlorides. It is important that you understand what these are before you look at detailed chemistry. Read the page introducing acyl chlorides.

You should also make sure that you have remembered to read about the preparation of acyl chlorides in statement 19.1(b)(iv).

The hydrolysis of acyl chlorides

This refers to the reaction of acyl chlorides with water.

You will find this, and much more, on the page about acyl chlorides and water, alcohols or phenol. Read the introduction, but the important bit is the short section about the reaction with water.

You will need the rest of this page in statement 19.2(b).

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