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Learning outcome 20.1(d)

This statement is about the reactions of phenylamine with bromine water and nitrous acid.

Before you go on, you should find and read the statement in your copy of the syllabus.

This statement will only be examined in the final exam of a two year course.

Statement 20.1(d)(i): The reaction with aqueous bromine

You will find what you need to know on the page phenylamine and bromine water.

You will be expected to know the reaction, and the reason that the ring is activated.

Statement 20.1(d)(ii): The reaction with nitrous acid

This is described on the page about making diazonium salts from phenylamine.

The syllabus expects you to know about both reactions - hot to produce phenol, and ice-cold to produce the diazonium salt. It is much more likely, though, that you will be asked about the ice-cold reaction producing the diazonium salt.

Make sure that you remember the conditions for the reaction producing the diazonium salt, and that you can draw the structure for the diazonium ion accurately.

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