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Learning outcomes 22.4(a) and 22.4(b)

These statements are about carbon-13 NMR spectroscopy.

Before you go on, you should find and read the statements in your copy of the syllabus.

This is new for the 2016 syllabus, and so there won't be any questions available until 2016 at the earliest.

Start by reading the page What is C-13 NMR?.

From that page, the essential thing is to realise that each line in a C-13 NMR represents a carbon atom in a different environment.

You will also need to know about TMS and the solvent used, but that comes up again in the next section 22.5, so you could leave it for now.

Now read the page Interpreting C-13 NMR spectra.

There is a table of chemical shifts in the Data Book which you will be given in your exam. You will find a copy of it towards the bottom of the syllabus. As you read through this NMR page, refer to that table rather than the one which I give. You need to get used to the table that CIE uses.

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