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Learning outcomes 4.1(a) and 4.1(c)

These statements deal with ideal gases and the ideal gas equation, and I am including them together because it better fits the way I have written about this topic elsewhere on Chemguide.

Before you go on, you should find and read the statements in your copy of the syllabus.

Statement 4.1(a)

This deals with the kinetic theory assumptions about an ideal gas, and is covered at the beginning of the Chemguide page about ideal gases.

Statement 4.1(c)

This deals with the ideal gas equation and follows on from the assumptions on the same page.

Unfortunately, you will need more practice in using the ideal gas equation than you will find on that page. Because this topic is covered in my chemistry calculations book (see pages 48 to 51, and end-of-chapter problems 20 - 23), I can't go any further than this with online help.

For reasons that I have explained on another page, all I can do in these cases is to refer you to the book. Or, of course, you can find an alternative source of calculations. But it is essential that you practice doing these ideal gas equation sums.

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