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Learning outcome 19: Nitrogen compounds

19.1: Primary amines

Statement 19.1.1

This statement is about the reaction between a halogenoalkane and ammonia to give a primary amine. A primary amine has an NH2 group attached to a carbon chain.

You have probably already come across this in statement 15.1.3(c), and what follow is just a copy of that.

This statement is really only an introduction to this reaction, and you will meet it again in the second part of the course. The reaction is actually quite complicated leading to a mixture containing various kinds of amines. For the moment, all you need to do is to read the first part of the page Reactions between halogenoalkanes and ammonia dealing with making primary amines.

Checking through quite a lot of recent versions of Paper 2, it was very difficult to find this reaction asked. The only one I found before I gave up simply asked for the reactants and conditions to convert CH3CH2Br into CH3CH2NH2. That's not very scary!

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