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Learning outcome 14: Hydrocarbons

14.1: Alkanes

Statement 14.1.1

This statement is about how alkanes might be produced chemically. Find and read the statement in your copy of the syllabus.

Statement 14.1.1(a)

This statement talks about a reaction involving compounds (alkenes) you may not know anything about yet. Just note the equation for a typical reaction and the conditions for now.

You will find this at the very beginning of the page hydrogenation of alkenes. You do not need to know about margarine.

There is a slight ambiguity in the syllabus where it talks about a "Pt/Ni" catalyst. That could mean a mixture of platinum and nickel, or that you could use either platinum or nickel. I have never come across such a mixture being used, and I think you can safely assume that is either/or.

Statement 14.1.1(b)

You will find cracking discussed in statement 14.1.4 later in this section. Leave it until then.

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