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Learning outcome 15: Halogen compounds

15.1: Halogenoalkanes

Statement 15.1.4

This statement is about elimination reactions of halogenoalkanes to produce alkenes in which the halogenoalkane is heated with sodium hydroxide in ethanol as the solvent.

You should re-read a page you have already looked at - Reactions between halogenoalkanes and hydroxide ions. This time concentrate on the elimination reaction and the conditions which promote it.

If you read this carefully, you will note that primary halogenoalkanes like bromoethane mentioned in the syllabus tend to undergo substitution and not elimination. It would probably have been better for CIE to have chosen a different example - a secondary or tertiary one, for example.

However, just because the syllabus mentions bromoethane, there is no guarantee that that's the one which will come up in exams.

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