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Learning outcome 33: Carboxylic acids and derivatives

33.2: Esters

Learning outcome 33.2.1

This statement adds to what you already know about esters from Section 18.2. It deals with making two esters - one you will be familiar with, and one you won't.

You will find what you need on the page about making esters.

This statement is concerned with the use of acyl chlorides to make esters. I suggest you read the first part of the page quickly as a revision, and then concentrate on the section about making esters using acyl chlorides (about half-way down the page).

The syllabus specifically mentions the formation of

  • ethyl ethanoate by the reaction between ethanol and ethanoyl chloride.

  • phenyl benzoate by the reaction between phenol and benzoyl chloride.

You do not need the section about acid anhydrides.

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