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Learning outcome 9.2

The Periodic Table

Periodicity of chemical properties of the elements in Period 3

These statements are about some of the reactions of the elements in Period 3 of the Periodic Table.

Check your syllabus to make sure you know what is necessary. There is a lot more on that page than you need! Make notes from the page - don't rely on the whole page for your revision.

You will find almost all of this on the page on reactions of the period 3 elements. I have outlined anything extra that you need below.

Note:  You may possibly notice that I am using the traditional English spelling "sulphur" on Chemguide rather than "sulfur". CIE uses "sulfur" - so use that in your notes and in the exam.

Statement 9.2.1

Reactions with oxygen

Restrict yourself to the formation of Na2O, MgO, Al2O3, P4O10 and SO2. Ignore any other oxides mentioned.

Reactions with chlorine

This time, you should concentrate on NaCl, MgCl2, AlCl3, SiCl4, and PCl5. Ignore anything else.

Beware of aluminium chloride! The structure of this changes with conditions, and if you follow the link under the reaction of aluminium with chlorine, you will find all this described.

However, CIE want the formation of AlCl3 which is given on the page you need to read.

Reactions with water

This time you only need the reactions of sodium and magnesium with water.

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